Memorial Inscriptions in Bolton:
Tombstones Nos. 1 to 70.

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01 Nichol/Hepburn "In loving memory of THOMAS NICHOL, farmer at Under Bolton, who died 17 Nov. 1911 in his 76th year. Also JANET HEPBURN his wife who died at Musselburgh on 1 November 1916 in her 79th year."
02 Service/Shanks. "Here lie DAVINA SHANKS wife of the Revd. JOHN BARR SERVICE Minister of the Parish who died 9 October 1923. And the Revd.JOHN BARR SERVICE BD who died 17 May 1936. Minister of the Parish from 1883 to 1928."
03 Brown. "SUSAN GEORGINA BROUN eldest daughter of the Marquess of Dalhousie. Born 9 Jan.
1898. Erected by her husband WILLIAM HAMILTON BROUN.
04 Neilson/Noble. "In memory of JAMES NOBLE NEILSON, schoolmaster of this parish, died 27 July 1847 aged 44 years. CATHERINE NOBLE his wife who died at Tranent 29 October 1849 aged 4[4?] years. ALEXANDER their son who died at Tranent 1 March 1853 aged 22 years. JAMES NOBLE their son, Master of St.Andrews School, St.Johns, Newfoundland, who died at Dunse 28 Decr.1862 aged 32 years. MAGGIE their daughter who died in Edinburgh 13 Novr.1867 aged 31 years. JOHN their youngest son who died at Trinity 25 March 1878 aged 45 years. JANE their daughter who died at Dunfermline 8 July 1904 aged 78 years. [Note: James Neilson is noted in the Bolton 1841 Census aged 35 with his wife Catherine and his family: Jane 13, James 11, Alexander 9, John 7, Margaret 4. There is also mention of an Eliza Dalziel (10 years old) and a John Urquhart (3 y.o.)"
05 Abernethy. "Erected in memory of the REVD. JOHN ABERNETHY, for 27 years Minister of this Parish. A man full of Faith and Good Works. In his meek, upright, holy and peaceful life as well as in his preaching, a faithful witness to the Truth of Christ. Enjoying while he lived the affections of his people, and at his death much regretted by all who knew his worth. Born 7 May 1781. Joined the Free Church in June 1843. Died 26 July 1843"
Note:Rev.J.Abernethy was born in Auchtertool. He was chaplain to the Edinburgh Charity Workhouse for a time and became minister at Bolton on 14 May 1816. He wrote the New Statistical Account for Bolton parish in November 1836, which gives a very comprehensive account of the parish.
06 Cowan Stephenson. "In memory of JOHN COWAN who died 19 April 1891 aged 73 years. And of MARGARET STEPHENSON his wife who died 3 Decr. 1892 aged 74 years. Erected by their family. Also GEORGE their youngest son who died 23 Septr. 1907 aged 53 years. JOHN their eldest son who died 16 Feby. 1921 aged 70 years."
07 Text not readable.
08 Text not readable.
09 Dippie/Duncan. "Erected by JOHN DIPPIE in memory of his wife JANET DUNCAN who died 1887 aged 54 years. And of his children PETER who died 1873 aged 19 years; JANE [who died] 1879 [1879 is a best guess] aged 18; MARGARET [who died] 1882 [aged] 22. JOHN 1893 [1893 is a best guess] aged 24<. Also the above JOHN DIPPIE who died at Eaglescairnie 4 Decr. 1907 aged 79 years."
10 King. WILLIAM KING born 12 March 1822 died 16 December 1889, in grateful remembrance of nearly 39 years faithful and attached service as Gardener at Eaglescairnie." "Because I live ye shall live also. John XIV 19. Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians XV 57"
11 Begbie. "Erected by PETTER (sic) BEGBIE wright in St.Lawrens [the] year 1793 ..... his mother AGNESS (sic) HUNTER who died ..... of her chi[ldren] [next two lines illegible] and his father WILLIAM BEGBIE who died February 21 179[4?] aged 8[6?] years"
12 Peterson "Here lyeth JOHN PETERSON who died [the next two lines are illegible] 1740 ...." [all else is illegible].
13 Text barely readable. One source gives: Cocher Milln .... aged x7 years WILLIAM .... also to the memory of [ISABELLA or ELIZABETH], MARGARET AGNES and JOHN NIMMOs children to JOHN NIMMO and MARGARET BEGBIE. JOHN who died February 1742 aged 4[0?] years. (With a low sun on a June evening and a borrowed watering can, lettering is brought out which is normally invisible.)
14 Cowan/Ramsay "Sacred to the memory of ROBERT COWAN, husband to JESSIE RAMSAY. Born at Leith 10 Feby 1841, died 2 April 1878 aged 37 years. Much loved and deeply regretted. Also JESSIE RAMSAY his wife died 15 June 1917 aged 72 years. Also WILLIAM FRASER who died 24 April 1876 in his 73rd year. Also HELEN COWAN his wife who died 3 December 1903 in her 91st year."
15 Marker stone alongside previous entry. Initials "JD" only.
16 McKenzie/Kirk/McDonald "In memory of four dear children of DAVID MACKENZIE who died at Eaglescairnie Lodge 1873. DAVID died 25 Feby aged 2 years. MAGGIE ZOLUIN died 26 Feby aged 4 years. (One reading gives 28 Feby) ANNE KIRK died 1 March aged 9 years and 8 months. ALLAN McDONALD died the same day aged 6 years and 5 months. ANN KIRK widow of ALLAN McDONALD late of Kerswell, Carnwath, died at the house of her son-in-law at Lennoxlove 3 May 1889 aged 86 years. MARY McDONALD beloved wife of DAVID MACKENZIE and daughter of ALLAN McDONALD late of Kerswell, Carnwath, died 26 April 1911 aged 81 years. DAVID MACKENZIE younger son of WILLIAM MACKENZIE, Cleptington, Nairn, died 25th January 1919 aged 81. For 26 years in the service of the Stuart family of Eaglescairnie." (Note: David Mackenzie is noted in the 1891 census as living at "Cottage, Lennoxlove Park", aged 58 years. He was born in Nairn. His wife Mary was still alive, as was a son Alexander, aged 18 years, who was born at Bolton.)
17 Dunlop/Spence. "Intered here JOHN DWNLOP who died March 14 1798 aged 77 years. Also JOHN DWNLOP his son who died Jany 1788 aged 32 years. Likewise ANN SPENCE his spouse who died 9 Jan 1816 aged 81 years" [spelling as given.]
18 Text not really readable. This is an elaborate and old tablestone. The date 1639 can be read above the words "of Boltone", and the initials "I.L." and "M.L." There is a heraldic shield but the device is eroded.
19 Text is illegible but probably in Latin, on this very old stone. There are elaborate funerary emblems including winged angel, skull and crossed bones, open book and fronds. There is a cartouche with entwined heart and an initial - possibly "M".
20 Brown. "J.B. To the memory of JAMES BROUN late mason at Kirkland who died June 8 1804 aged 57 years."
21 King/Meston "In memory of JAMES KING who died at Saltoun Home Farm 20 Novr.1900 aged 39 years. Also his wife MARION MESTON who died at Cauldshiel 6 Decr.1889 aged 22 years. Also their daughter MARION who died at Westmains 22 Octr.1890 aged 11 months."
22 Begbie. This stone is damaged and very worn. It may read "Here [lyeth] PATRIC BEGBIE who died in March the [xx] 1684 his age 86 years. Al[so] [h]is spouse[MA]RGARET [S]HIEL w[ho] [died] in [unreadable] 2 day 1696 [her] age 7x year[s]; and below that "[Here] lyes GEORGE BEG[BIE] who died xx October the 2x ..... his ag[e] 86 years. Also [unreadable name] w[ho] [died] August the 1 day he[r] [a]ge 54 [?] years. Here lyes CHRIST[IAN] spouse of [unreadable] BEGBIE fermer in Wxxxton [w]ho [died] the 18 day ...... of her age."
23 Text not readable.
24 Renton/Johnston/Shiel. "In loving memory of ALICE RENTON wife of JAMES JOHNSTON, died at Eaglescairnie Gardens 19 November 1922. Also their daughter JANET SHIEL died December 25 1887. Also the above JAMES JOHNSTON, died at Eaglescairnie Gardens 19 [or possibly 10] September 1931."
25 Lamb/Miller. [On one side] "Erected by THOMAS LAMB School master of the parish in memory of CATHERINE MILLER his wife who died deeply lamented 25 August 1822 aged 51 years." [On second side] "In memory of THOMAS LAMB, Teacher, who died 26 June 1829 [1829 is a best guess] aged 59 years. And of his family THOMAS died 5 Feby 1829[1829 is a best guess] aged 20 years. WILLIAM died 9 Feby. 1828 [1828 is a best guess] aged 25 and interred in St.Johns Churchyard London. JAMES died 8 Decr.1834 [1834 is a best guess] aged 28 years. ALEXANDER [some unreadable text here] aged 20 years [20 is a best guess]. And MARGARET .... [the remaining inscription is worn into illegibility.]
26 Text on this elaborately decorated tablestone is not really readable, but the carvings are impressive. One earlier researcher writes "I believe this to be for Revd. JOHN SINCLAIR minister of this parish who died 28.2.1767 aged 50 and his spouse EUPHAN REID, five sons and five daughters. This because (a)a tombstone is noted in the Fasti Ecclesiae Scot. i 357; (b) an open bible, symbol of a minister, is on the stone; (c) the monogram on the west face is MJS for Master John Sinclair, and (d) it is next to his successor's tablestone.
27 Hamilton/Wight. "Here lyes the REVD.MR.WILLIAM HAMILTON, Minister of the Gospel at Bolton, who died May 9 1743 aged 70 years, having served in the charge for 35 years. Also MARGARET CAITHNESS his spouse who died June 8 1750 aged 55 years. And HELEN HAMILTON their daughter who died August 27 1717 aged 6 years. [Then in different lettering] JEAN WIGHT, spouse to aged 31 years and ... [more but illegible]. [Then in different lettering again] Here too are laid the remains of The REVD. MR.JOHN HAMILTON who succeeded his father WILLIAM HAMILTON as Minister of this parish and discharged the duties of this sacred office with fidelity and diligence for 56 years. He lived revered and died lamented Feb.14 1797 aged 86."
28 Hamilton. [On one side] "Here lyes ALEXANDER HAMILTON who died the 18 of [month unreadable] 1717 aged x7 years" [actual age unreadable]. [On second side] Much decoration including hourglass, skull, hammer and a cartouche. No readable text.
29 Plinth only remains in 2001. No headstone. An earlier researcher was more fortunate and records: "In memory of ANNA RENWICK wife of GEORGE WOOD shepherd died at Under Bolton on 30.12.1911 aged 72 years. The above GEORGE WOOD shepherd late of Stobshiel died 28.5.1923 aged 89"
30 Toter/Troter. "Here lyes two childrin (sic) son and daughter to THOMAS TOTER (sic), [unreadable bit here] ... JAMES TROTER he died April the 7 day 1700. His age 13 years. MARGRAT TROTER shoe (sic) died October the 21 day 1698. Her age 3 years."
31 Another elaborate tablestone with no readable text but much elaborate carving.
32 Begbie/Shiel. Heir lyeth WILLIAM BAGBIE husband to ALISON SHIEL who departed this life in the 16 day of February 1654 aetatis 53. (Marginal text includes: "Woman in Mynd / Remember thou and mourn that naikit thou com and naikit sal return. [central] WB AS (on shield) IB IB 167x.)
33 Dickson. "Sacred to the memory of JEAN DICKSON spouse to JAMES ..... [of] Bolton, who died May 10 1811 aged [unreadable]".
34 McKenzie. "In memory of GEORGE CHARLE McKENZIE, Captain in the Royal Navy, who died at Lennox Love (sic) 22 Jany. 1828 aged 52 years."
35 Balden/Smith/Kerr. "Erected in affectionate remembrance of JAMES BALDEN, Parkend, upwards of 60 years forester [in the] Lennoxlove Estate who died 12 January 1883 aged 88 years. Also ALISON SMITH his wife who died 2 July 1871 aged 80 years. JAMES, their son who died 17 September 1851 aged 21 years. MARGHARET KERR their grandchild who died at Letham 28 April 1857 aged 15 months. And HELEN SMITH her sister who died 23 February 1870, aged 78 years." NOTE: The records show that James Baldwin's wife and family are present in the 1851 census of Bolton, but he himself does not appear. Alison, his wife (aged 54 in that Census) was born in Pencaitland. James (21) was a grocer's shopman. There is a PETER (aged 19) who was an apprentice clerk, and a WILLIAM (16) who was a scolar. The children were all born in Bolton.
36 Murray. Sacred to the memory of HELLEN MURRAY daughter to JOHN MURRAY tenant [at] Eaglescairnie Mains, who died Dec.23rd 1817 aged 9 months. Also JOAN MURRAY who died July [date unreadable] aged 2 years. Also JOHN MURRAY who died [date unreadable]". Another reader gives: "JOAN MURRAY who died July 1840 [probable date] aged 4 years" "
37 Murray/Haig. " Erected by EUPHEMIA MURRAY in loving memory of her dear husband WILLIAM D. HAIG [who] died at Gifford 7 Dec. 1930. Also the above EUPHEMIA MURRAY [who] died at Gifford 11 Jan.1937. Till He come."
38 No text is readable.
39 Begbie. "Erected by MARY PURDAY in memory of her beloved husband PETER BEGBIE born at Bolton 7 July 1796. Died at Haddington 2 Octr. 1868. MARY PURDAY or BEGBIE died 11 December 1901 aged 74 years" Note also, in Pencaitland churchyard: "Sacred to the memory of ARCHIBALD BEGBIE who died Octr 1859 aged 58 years. THOMAS BEGBIE who died July 1868 aged 76 years. Also his wife JANE MOFFAT who died June 1855 aged 59 years. WILLIAM BEGBIE who died Octr 1872 aged 68 years. JAMES BEGBIE who died Decr 1883 aged 79 years. JANET COWAN his wife who died Decr 1899 aged 78 years. ELISABETH their daughter who died Novr 1889 aged 34 years. MARGARET BEGBIE daughter of THOMAS BEGBIE who died 26th June 1915 aged 83 years." And also in Pencaitland churchyard: "Erected by JOHN BEGBIE in memory of his father ROBERT BEGBIE who died [month unreadable] 1825 aged 84 [84 is best reading] years. He lived as gardener at farm [not readable]. MARY ..... [not readable] his spouse died [month unreadable] 1853. Also JANET BEGBIE their daughter .... [more continues underground but not readable]"
40 Begbie. Reads (on one side) "Here layes (sic) the Corps of JAMES [?] SPENCE Stoull(?) son to PARTICK (sic) SPENCER and ELIZABETH BEGBIE his spouse who depearted this life xx March 17x4 [aged] 24 years ...... his son ...." ; and on the second side "1677. I.H. L.D. A.S. I.L." (and carved mason's tools). Note that the names on the inscription do not appear to tally with the initials on the other side.
41 Begbie. "1887. Erected in affectionate remembrance of JAMES BEGBIE who died at Parkend 6 Nov. 1850 aged 87 yrs. Also his wife EUPHEMIA HEWITT who died at Bolton 19 April 1843 aged 83 yrs. ELIZABETH BEGBIE their daughter who died at Parkend 29 May 1886 aged 85 years. ANN BEGBIE his sister who died at Oxenfoord Castle 19 Feby. 1851 aged 82 years" [Note: James Begbie was a smith - see the Bolton 1841 census and Kirk Session records.]
42 Lilly. "Heer lyeth ROBERT LILLY who departed this lyf 30 day of August 1699 [1699 is a best guess]." On the other side, along with much ornamentation which includes a weaver's shuttle, are the initials "R.L." and "H.F."
43 No text is readable.
44 Aitchison/Sharp. "Here lyes JOHN AITCH/SON farmer in Sanders/Dain and AG/NES SHARP his spouse. Also ROBERT/AITCHISON their son." [Note, no dates given on this very old stone, and the "/" represents a line-break in the carving. Sandersdean is a farm near Bolton village].
45 Laurie/Aitchison. a grey sandstone obelisk 210cm tall surmounted by an urn - quite prestigious. The text reads: (On one side) "A pillar to the memory of ROBERT AITCHISON, farmer in Thurston Mains who died on the 16th December AD 1796 aged 74 years, and of MARGARET LAURIE his wife who died on the 25th Jany. 1809 aged 86 years. (On opposite side) As parents they were affectionate and judicious, As friends they were sincere and warm, as Christians they were upright and exemplary. A numerous posterity they have left behind to imitate that faith and love, religion and mortality which they were enabled to display. The memory of the Just is Blessed. Filius eorum Minimus natu. Pastor ecclesiae. In memoriam dignissimorum parentum saxum hoc posuit. 1812"
46 Hay/Aitchison/Sharp. [On one side] "Here lyhy (sic) body of JANET HAY spouse to WILLIAM AITCHISON, farmer in Northrigg who departed this life Nov.9 1745 in the 61st year of her age - and south of this stone ly (sic) JOHN AITCHISON and AGNES SHARP his spouse & 5 foot [south?] from this lyh (sic) ROBERT AITCHISON ther (sic) son. On the other side of 46 is a carved winged angel. Northrigg farm no longer exists.
47 No text is readable.
48 Burns/Brown. Erected by GILBERT BURNS, factor at Grants Brae in memory of his children ISABELLA who died 3 July 1815 in the 7th year of her age, AGNES who died 11th Sept 1815 in the 15th year of her age, JANET who died 30 Octr 1816 in the 18th year of her age. And of his mother, AGNES BROWN who died 14 Jany 1820 in the 88th year of her age; whose mortal remains lie all buried here. Also of other two of his children viz. JEAN who died on 4 Jany 1827 in the 20th year of her age and JOHN who died on the 26 Feby 1827 in the 25th year of his age. GILBERT BURNS thier (sic) father died on the 8 April 1827 in the 67th year of his age. Also buried here, ANNABELLA, sister of Gilbert Burns, who died March 2 1832 aged 67." [Note that GILBERT BURNS was brother to Robert Burns (1759-1796) the poet].
49 Golling(?) "This stone erected by GEORGE GOLL[ING?] ..." most of the rest is worn and illegible, but near the foot it reads "MARGARET GOLL[ing?] died 1787 aged 67 years"
50 Inglis. "Died at H.D.H. Haddington on Septr. 22 1897, CATHERINE LUGTON INGLIS aged 18 years. Also on Octr.6 1897 JAMES INGLIS aged 11 years, beloved son and daughter of PETER and AGNES INGLIS of Bankrugg. And JOHN INGLIS, who died in infancy. Also the above PETER INGLIS who died 19 Feb. 1926 aged 84 years. Also his wife AGNES LUGTON who died 18 March 1931 aged 85 years."
51 Lamb/Fraser. (On one side) "To the memory of PETER LAMB late feuar in Gifford who died the 12 of July 1790 aged 7? [maybe 75] years. Also ANDREW FRASER his son-in-law who died the 12 of March 1804 aged 39 years". (And on the other side) "Likewise PETER FRASER his son who died 27 Sept 1816 [1816 is a best guess] aged 25 years"
52 Lamb/Nielson. "Here lyes WILLIAM LAMB son to ADAM LAMB and ELSPETH NIELSON. He died Apriele 20 1724 aged [unreadable, maybe 5] years."
53 Begbie (?) "1804 Her[e] lyes JOHN ...AT... aged 7x. HELEN BEGBIE his spouse aged 48." Note that there are the initials "I" and "H" around the top of this stone. This stone is effectively unreadable and is very old. The name JOHN xxxxx and HELEN BEGBIE his spouse aged 48 can just be read. The initials I.H. are on the top edge of this stone ("I" as in Iohannis = John, perhaps)
54 Brown/Blackwood. "In memory of GEORGE BLACKWOOD born 11 April 1799, died 22 Decr 1849. And of ISABELLA BROWN his wife who died 11 Jany 1873 aged 70 years after a residence of upwards of 44 years in the parish of Bolton. Also their daughter ISABELLA who died 19 Decr 1905 aged 78 years. Also their son JAMES who died 4 Jany 1906 aged 68 years." [Note: there is more info about George Blackwood in the 1841 census].
55 Wight. "Erected to the memory of ALEXANDER WIGHT, farm steward at Bolton who died 18 Nov. 1849 aged 68 years. MARY WIGHT his daughter, died 17 Aug. 1852 aged 31 years. CATHERINE WIGHT, daughter of RICHARD WIGHT died 8 July 1853 aged 2 years."
56 Goodall/Forsyth/McDowell. "Erected by THOMAS GOODALL in memory of JEAN [JANE?] GRIEVE his wife. Died at Marvingston 11 March 1890 aged 65 years. Also ALEXANDER FORSYTH his son, died at Ceylon 11 April 1889 aged 21 years. The above THOMAS GOODALL died 22 April 1897 aged 73 years. Also his daughter ELIZABETH McDOWELL, died at London 12 April 1894 aged 35 years."
57 Wilson. "In memory of ELISABETH WILSON daughter of JAMES WILSON farmer at Bolton who departed this life on the 8th of March 1809 aged 15 months."
58 Cruikshanks. "Erected by GEORGE CRUIKSHANKS gardener at Lennoxlove in memory of his daughter MARGARET who died 16 April 1825 aged 19 years. Also GEORGE CRUIKSHANKS her father who died xx May 1830 [next line illegible] And AGNES [surname illegible] his wife who died [illegible day/month] 1840. [More but worn to illegibility.]"
59 Downie/Dickson. "In memory of MARON (sic. probably Marion) DOWNIE spouse to ROBERT DICKSON, Samelston (sic) who died 19 January 1806 aged 66. Also ROBERT DICKSON her husband who died 2 March 1813 aged 77."
60 Berry. "Sacred in the memory of GEORGE BERRY who departed this life the 19th March 1807 aged [69? 89?] years. ( One researcher gives: "died 19th Jan 1807 aged 82 years") Also MARIN [sic] ADINSTON his spouse who departed this life the 13 April 1806 aged 84 years. In loving remembrance of those whose worth as tender parents and affectionate friends this stone [is] erected by their surviving children"
61 Yuill(?)/May [On one side] "Here lyth M..ET [MARGARET?] YEOOL (sic) spous (sic) to JAMES MAY, Fermer(sic) in Boltoun who died October the 27 1718 in her age 28 years. [Note that there is an inscribed dot between each word.] [Then on the other side, there is a further but illegible inscription.]
62 Porteous. "In loving remembrance of ANNIE E PORTEOUS born 31 May 1878, died 6 January 1882. Twas an angel came to earth/ And took our flower away."
63 No text is readable.
64 Preacher/Bunyan. "Erected by WILLIAM PREACHER Engineer of the Royal Mines of P... [unreadable] and Knight of the .. [Order of?] St.Stanisbas [thus read, but possibly St Stanislaus?] ... his native country ... in memory of WILLIAM PREACHER ... 20 Augt.1818 aged x6. Also of his mother BEATRIX BUNYAN who died 22 Jany.1821 aged 64 years."
65 Begbie. "Here lies the body of CHRISTIAN BEGBIE and her tuo (sic) children.
66 Shiells/Paterson/Craig. In memoriam JAMES SHIELLS, forester at Lennoxlove, died 1 Jan 1826 aged 73 years. AGNES PATERSON his wife died 14 July 1831 aged 72 years. Their son-in-law ROBERT CRAIG, died 8 March 1837 aged 33 years. AGNES SHIELLS his wife died 31 Jan. 1867 aged 71 years.
67 Milliken. "Here lie the remains of MARGARET MILLIKEN for 21 years a faithful attached servant to the family of Eaglescairnie by whom this stone is erected to her memory. Died 7 May 1850 aged 58 years."
68 No text is readable. Initials "TM" and "AC" or "AG".
69 Martine. "Here lyeth THOMAS MARTINE Farmer in Westfield of Lethington who dyed the 1 of February 1720 age 81. JM AG"
70 Brown "Here lyeth A....RD BROWN, servitor to the Duke of Lauderdale, departed this life the 8 day of [date unreadable] 42 aetatis. [42 is a best guess]." Note: this stone is difficult to read. The initials "A.B" and the mottoes "Fugit Hora" and "Memento Mori" are inscribed.