Pencaitland Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions
As recorded in 1969 by Norman and Julie Murphy


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"J H
JAMES son to ALEC HARLAW dyed ye 12th of July 1733 aged 14 moneth, And also JAMAS HARLAW (his) grandson who dyed ….. 27th 1738 aged 4"
(And on the obverse)
"here lyes .... . husband , . , . , who dyed October 1744 aged 46 years"
This stone has sunk and although badly eroded above soil level is in excellent condition where the text has been protected by the earth. The legend continues underground.

"In loving memory of MARY AYR who died at Ormiston Novr 11th 1863 aged 80 years, also WILLIAM AYR died March 22nd 1885 aged 73 years,"

"Erected in memory of JOHN HUNTER who died 20th Nov 1876 aged 61 years, ROBERT born May 22nd 181+1F died June 5th 1852, RICHARD born Jan 2nd 1855 died Feb 2nd 1860.
'Though low be their bed in the dust, And sound be their sleep in the tomb.
Their image inshrined in our breast Still lives in its brightness and bloom’”

A4 Unknown
The base only exists, the stone having fallen and been removed.

A5 Unknown
This stone is largely buried - as are many in this plot - and no legend remains above ground.(The lettering below soil level may be in good condition.)

The lettering on this table tomb may possibly yield more in a strong side light,"Mso L...... and ...... CAIRNS his wife: they died in an ...... Erected by all their friends in Pencaitland,"
(And on the East side:)
"here lies a honest plowman………"

"In loving memory of CHRISTINA MARK HAY wife of PETER LAWRIE, Miltonmill, died 3 May 1901 aged 69. And of the said PETER LAWRIE died 9 October 1925 aged 91.
Erected by their sorrowing children at home and abroad,"

"Erected in memory of JAMES BURTON thatcher in Pencaitland who died on the 15th Sepr, 1809 aged 58 years. And of THOMAS his son, late tenant in Leahouses, who died on the 10th MAY 1835 aged 56, years, Also ELISPETH PATERSON his spouse who died on the 30th Novr 1840 aged 88 years. And of ISABELLA BURTON daughter of THOMAS. She died 25th August 1849 aged 17 years, Also ALISON her sister, died 1st Feby 1872 aged 45 years. Also JANET NISBET relict of the above THOMAS BURTON who died 11 th June 1886 in the …… year of her age,"
(And continued on another side:)
"Also in memory of ALEXANDER BURTON, late farmer in Buchtknowe, who died 17th March 1868 aged 78 years. And of JANET SIMPSON his wife who died 18th August 1852 aged 54 years. And of ALEXANDER their son who died 19th April 1884. And of THOMAS their son who died 27th July 1886. EUPHEMIA BURTON died 2nd May 1911 aged 82 years. And of PETER BURTON died 21st August 1915 aged 79 years."
(And continued on another side:)
"Also in memory of PETER BURTON, late farmer in Fala Mains, who died 30th March 1862 aged 65 years. And of ALISON his daughter who died 6th June 1858 aged 22 years. And of JOHN his son who died 29th May 1854 aged 7 years. Also CATHERINE GOWANS his wife died 8th April 1885 aged 84 years. GRACE BURTON died 14th April 1903 aged 63. JAMES BURTON died 15th November 1904 aged 54."
(All the numerals "4" occurring after Grace Burton are written mirror image,)

A9- Unknown
The text is completely eroded. The stone, a large and ornate one, carries armorial bearings but even the devices are almost entirely indecipherable.

A10 Unknown
This stone also is almost entirely buried. The top few inches - all that remain visible - bear the initials "W C or similar. C C"

A11 FORD:(also spelt FOORD): BEGBY (?)
KATHARIN BEGBY (query Begby) died ……. 1776 aged 68 years. Also ALEXR FORD her husband died August ..78 (presumably 1778) Also ALEXR FOORD their son died Oct ... 1801 aged 58 years, Also ANN FOORD their daughter who died Aug 8th 1810 aged 62 years."

A12 Unknown
A small stone almost totally buried. No legend remains other than the letters "- W" and "M L" carved in the rounded top of the stone. (This stone was lifted and re-set in 1974. No legend had ever been cut into its sides at all.)

A13 Unknown
This stone bears large carvings of a pick, a long-hafted hammer, and a pair of wedges as used by stonemasons or timbermen. Also prominent is the date 1752. The obverse is almost entirely worn away except for a few fragments such as ".., his spouse..." and a date; 1744. The superscript carries the initials "J M" and "J B ".

"Erected in memory of ANDREW WHITE, Pencaitland, who died 12 Oct 1847 aged 50 years. ISOBFL LECKIE his wife who died 26 July 1869 aged 72 years. And their children PETER died 20 July 1837 aged 4 years. JOHN died 9 January 1843 aged 16 years. ISABELLA died 3 June 1843 aged 10 months. WILLIAM died 4 August 1896 aged 59 years."

"Erected by STAIR McHARRIE to the memory of his friend PETER WHITE, for 40 years house steward at Lochinch and Oxenfoord. Born 19th June 1839. Died 16th February 1908.
Faithful and upright, Duty was his watchword, in God was his trust."

"Erected in memory of ROBERT WATT who died 6th Octr 1816 aged 47 years.
Also EUPHEMIA WATT his daughter who died .4th Nov 1829 aged 28 years.
Also ROBERT GRANGE (?) his son ......"

"In memory of WILLIAM AM0S who died at Huntlaw 5th Nov 1889 aged 78 years. And CHRISTINA HILL his wife who died at Blackford Perthshire 21st Oct 1899 aged 86 years. I am the resurrection and the Life."

(This stone lay face down until 1973, when it was turned over and the inscription deciphered.) "In memory of JOHN DICKSON mason in Wester Pencaitland who died Febr 20 1775 aged 88. Also ROB DICKSON his son who died May 16 1773 aged 19 years. Also MARGRET DICKSON his daughter who died July 10 1807 (?) aged 39 years. ELISABETH CAIRNS his spouse who died August 14 1808 aged 80(?) years."

“In memory of EUPHEMIA daughter of ROBERT FOGGO schoolmaster of Pencaitland who died on the 30th June 1823 aged 10 months. And of JANE who died on the 24th of November 1832 aged 6 years. Also MARGARET CLEUCH his mother who died 12th of August 1834 aged 83 years. And of THOMAS his son who died 26th August 1843 aged 27 years,"
(And on the other side, facing West:)
"Also the said ROBERT FOGGO who died November 5th 1857 aged 65 years. Much regretted after having officiated as parochial teacher in the long period of 41 years. JANE SKED wife of the above ROBERT FOGGO died January 14th 1871 aged 83 (or 85?) years. JOHN FOGGO their son died 1st April 1887 aged 68 years. Also MARGARET CLEUCH FOGGO their daughter who died 23rd July 1891 aged 70 years."
(John Foggo probably went to London in 1840 where he worked as a baker, returning in his later years to Pencaitland. So the Session records suggest. )

(This stone is leaning against the wall, having been moved from its original position.) "In memory of WILLIAM ANDERSON who died 20th Febry 1876 aged 49 years. Also WILLIAM his son who died 4th June 1869 aged 5 years. Also THOMAS his son who died 17th June 1869 aged 8 years. Also JESSIE WHITE his wife died at Haddington 21st March 1899 aged 78.”

"Erected in memory of WILLIAM FINLAY, road surveyor, Haddington who died 23rd Feby 1867 aged 77 years. And of CLARA DALGLEISH his wife who died 19th Augt 1855 aged 64 years.
By their children who desire to hold in remembrance, the worth of a beloved FATHER and MOTHER. Also WILLIAM their son, who died 14th April 1817 aged 2 years."

"Erected by JOHN McLENNAN, farmer, Fountainhall, in memory of CATHERINE NOBLE, his wife who died 10th June 1861 aged 48 years, Also of his son KENNETH HUGH McLENNAN who died 22nd August 1856 aged 4 years. Also of his father-in-law HUGH NOBLE who died 7th October 1857 aged 79 years. Also of CATHERINE McLENNAN who died 11th April 1802 aged 17 years.”
(The Kirk Session records show that Kenneth Hugh McLennan died of scarlet fever.)

A23 Unknown
This stone is severely weathered. There is no trace of any legend remaining.

In memory of JAMES NISBET youngest son of DAVID MALCOLM died 28th Dec 1877 aged 14 years, The above DAVID MALCOLM died 23rd Jan 1893 aged 74 years."

"To the memory of JAMES WHITE [of] Hen Muir who died April 22nd 1802 (or 1842?) aged 84 years."

A26 Unknown
This stone is almost entirely buried. The initials "A A" are deeply incised near the top and if any legend is carved on the sides underground it probably remains legible.

"Sacred to the memory of ROBERT HOWATSON who was born at Keith Humbie School 17th September 1829 and died at Miltonmill 4th May 1836,"

"Sacred to the memory of JAMES GRAY, son of JAMES GRAY, gardener, who died at Winton on the 3rd day of March 1832, aged 4 months.”

This stone is removed from its original site and is leaning against the wall.
"In memory of THOMAS CUNNINGHAM who died in the year 1834 aged 58 years."

“In memory of WILLIAM KING, farmer, Wolfstar, died 7th November 1908 aged 66 years. Also his wife ELIZABETH DEWAR died 29th November 1932 aged 79 years.
Thy will be done."

"In memory of ISABELLA CARSTAIRS beloved wife of THOMAS KEPPIE who died 19th July 1891 aged 74 years. Also the above THOMAS KEPPIE who died 31st August 1896 aged 82 years.
Gone but not forgotten."

"In loving memory of MARGRATE CLEGHORN who died 7th Sept 1902,"

A small stone, flush with the ground, bearing the name "JOHN CARSTAIR" and no other legend.



"Sacred to the memory of ARCHIBALD BEGBIE who died Octr 1859 aged 58 years. THOMAS BEGBIE who died July 1868 aged 76 years. And his wife JANE MOFFAT who died June 1855 aged 59 years. WILLIAM BEGBIE who died Octr 1872 aged 68 years. JAMES BEGBIE who died Decr 1883 aged 79 years. JANET COWAN his wife who died Decr 1899 aged 78 years. ELISABETH their daughter who died Novr 1889 aged 34 years. MARGARET BEGBIE daughter of THOMAS BEGBIE who died 26th June 1915 aged 83 years."

B2 Unknown
This stone is partly buried and there is no lettering visible.